COUMAPHOS    JMPR 1975


         This pesticide was previously evaluated in 1968 and 1972
    (FAO/WHO, 1969, 1973). No further work or information concerning
    residues in food and their evaluation was requested by the 1972

         Attention is drawn to the possibility that in exceptional
    circumstances the maximum residue limit of 0.5 mg/kg in milk (fat
    basis) may be exceeded for a very short period (one day) and reach a
    maximum of 2 mg/kg.


         Trials in Sweden and Australia showed that coumaphos as an
    emulsifiable concentrate controls mange in pigs (Sarcoptes Suis). In
    the Netherlands in 1975 a similar formulation was found to be
    effective against mange in cattle. These results stimulated the use of
    coumaphos as a substitute for lindane or BHC mixed isomers for the
    control of mange in cattle (Bayer AG, 1975). It is essential for
    efficient mange control to treat all animals of a herd including
    lactating cows. Because mange control treatments are not carried out
    simultaneously in one area, it can be concluded that the milk from
    treated herds will normally be diluted by a factor of four or more
    with milk from untreated herds (see also Report of the 1971 Joint
    Meeting, FAO/WHO, 1972). This results in residues below 0.5 mg/kg in
    milk or milk products on a fat basis. On exceptional occasions, there
    may be no dilution, and residues up to a maximum level of 1.6-2 mg/kg
    in milk fat can be expected for a very short period (one day after
    treatment). (See "Coumaphos", Table 5, FAO/WHO, 1973). This should be
    taken into consideration when residues higher than 0.5 mg/kg in milk
    fat are occasionally found in samples taken during food inspection.


    REQUIRED (by 30 June 1978)

         See FAO/WHO, 1973a, pp. 44.


    Bayer AG. (1975) Veterinary Division, Submission for re-evaluation of
    Coumaphos tolerance in milk (Unpublished letter from Bayer AG)
    Kohn-Muelh, Drine/GW, 10.11.75.

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