Summary of Evaluations Performed by the
Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

Chemical names: OCHRATOXIN A
Functional class: CONTAMINANT
Latest evaluation: 2001
Tolerable Intake: PTWI 0.0001 mg/kg bw
Comments: Given the distribution of ochratoxin A contamination of cereals, application of a limit of 5 or 20 µg/kg would make no significant difference to the average intake.
Report: TRS 906-JECFA 56/27
Tox monograph: FAS 47/FNP 74-JECFA 56/281
Previous status: 1995, TRS 859-JECFA 44/35, FAS 35-JECFA 44/363. PTWI 0.0001. CONTAM
1990, TRS 806-JECFA 37/29, FAS 28-JECFA 37/365. PTWI 0.000112. CONTAM
25 Apr 02    

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