Poisons Information Monographs (PIM) - a global database 
          with evaluated information on substances (chemicals, 
          pharmaceuticals, poisonous plants, and poisonous and venomous 
          animals) commonly involved in cases of poisoning. A PIM is a 
          concise, practical document designed to facilitate the work of 
          poisons information specialists, clinicians, and analysts. 
          The PIM is more than a simple monograph and part of a database.  
          It is a dynamic document which represents an international 
          consensus on the diagnosis, management and prevention of 
          poisonings.  It may also constitute the basis for training, a 
          source of scientific reference and a stimulus for international 
          cooperation amongst poisons centres and clinical toxicology units 
          around the world. 
          The PIMs are prepared by collaborating poisons information 
          centres and other experts throughout the  world and are 
          subjected to individual and peer review.  PIMs summarize the 
          physico-chemical and toxicological properties of the substance, 
          the medical features of the effects produced by various routes 
          of exposure to the substance, the patient management and the 
          supporting laboratory investigations. 

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