QUINTOZENE        JMPR 1974


         The 1974 Meeting of the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues
    (CCPR) referred to the Joint Meeting a question as to whether the
    temporary tolerance for quintozene in mushrooms corresponds to a
    proper use of the compound, and whether the limit of 10 mg/kg was
    unnecessarily high (Alinorm 74/24 para. 158). The temporary tolerance
    was recommended by the 1969 JMPR and was confirmed by the 1973 JMPR
    (FAO/WHO, 1970, 1974).

         In its request to the Joint Meeting, the CCPR further asked
    governments to provide data.

         Two further questions on quintozene were raised at the CCPR
    Meeting. Answers to these, however, have already been given by the
    JMPR 1973 (FAO/WHO 1974).



         It is noted that the recommended temporary tolerance for
    quintozene in mushrooms was based on residue data submitted to the
    1969 JMPR reflecting proposed fungicidal applications in mushroom
    culture in the USA. Further data on such uses from this or from other
    countries have not been received by the JMPR and the Meeting is not
    aware of any currently registered use of quintozene in mushroom
    production. The 1974 JMPR therefore recommends that the present
    temporary tolerance be deleted.


         The temporary tolerance for quintozene in mushrooms recommended
    in 1969 and 1973 should be deleted.


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