ANNEX 2


    ADI            acceptable daily intake
    ALAT           alanine aminotransferase
    ASAT           aspartate aminotransferase

    BAP            benzo [a]pyrene
    BUN            blood urea nitrogen
    bw             body weight

    CFM            cassava foliage meal
    ChE            cholinesterase
    CHL            Chinese hamster lung
    CNS            central nervous system
    CRM            cassava root meal

    d              day
    DBP            dibenzpyrene
    DEM            diethyl maleate
    Diff           differential white blood cells
    DMBA           7,12 dimethyl-1,2-benzanthracene
    DMH            dimethylhydrazine

    ECG            electrocardiogram
    ED50           effective dose, median
    EC50           effective concentration, median
    EDTA           ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid
    EEC            European Economic Community
    EHEN           N-ethyl-N-hydroxyethylnitrosamine
    ENG            electronystagmogrpahy
    EPA            Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.)
    Er             erythrocytes

    F              female
    F1             filial generation, first
    F2             filial generation, second
    FAO            Food and Agriculture Organization of the United

    h              hour
    Hb             haemoglobin
    HDL            high density lipoprotein
    HPLC           high performance liquid chromatography
    Ht             haematocrit

    IARC           International Agency for Research on Cancer
    ID50           inhibitory dose, 50%
    i.m.           intramuscular
    i.p.           intraperitoneal
    IPCS           International Programme on Chemical Safety
    i.v.           intravenous

    JECFA          Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

    KLH            keyhole limpet haemocyanin

    LD50           lethal dose, median
    LDH            lactate dehydrogenase
    LDLO           lethal dose, lowest
    Leu            leucocytes
    LPO            lipid peroxidation

    M              male
    3-MCA          3-methylcholanthrene
    min            minute
    MCHC           mean corpuscular haemoglobin concentration
    MCV            mean cell volume
    MMII           mean maximum irritation index
    MTD            maximum tolerated dose

    NBR            NCI-Black-Reiter rats
    NCI            National Cancer Institute (USA)
    NMU            nitrosomethylurea
    NOEL           no-observed-effect level
    NTD            neural tube defects
    NTP            National Toxicology Program (U.S.)

    OCT            ornithylcarbamyl transferase
    OECD           Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
    8-OH-dG        8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine
    OII            ocular irritation index
    OKN            opticokinetic nystagmus

    p.c.           percutaneous
    PBI            protein-bound iodine
    p.o.           per os (by month)
    PCB            polychlorinated biphenyl
    PCT            proximal covoluted tubule
    PCV            packed cell volume
    PII            primary irritation index
    ppm            parts per million

    RBC            red blood cells 

    SAP            serum alkaline phosphatase
    s.c.           subcutaneous(ly)
    SG             specific gravity
    SGOT           serum glutamate-oxalatetransaminase
    SGPT           serum glutamate-pyruvatetransaminase
    SKF-525A       2-(diethylamino)ethyl diphenyl propyl acetate

    t             half-life
    TAN            tropical ataxia neuropathy
    TGA            total glycoalkaloids
    TOS            total organic solids
    TOSO           thermally oxidized soyabean oil
    TOSOM          thermally oxidized soyabean oil interacted with mono-
                   and diglycerides

    v/v            volume/volume

    WBC            white blood cell
    WHO            World Health Organization

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