ANNEX 2


    ABP            arterial blood pressure)
    ALAT           alanine aminotransferase
    AP             alkaline phosphatase

    BP             blood pressure
    BSP            bromosulfophthalein
    BSP            sulfobromophthalein

    CHO/HGPRT      Chinese hamster ovary cells (HGPRT locus)
    CMC            carboxymethyl cellulose

    d              day
    DMF            dimethylformamide
    DMSO           Dimethylsulfoxide
    dp/dt          cardiac output

    ECG            electrocardiogram

    F              female
    FAO            Food and Agriculture Organization of the United
    FEV            forced expiratory volume
    FSH            follicle stimulating hormone

    GLC            gas liquid chromatography

    h              hour
    Ht             haematocrit

    IgA            Immunoglobin A
    IU             international unit
    IVEDP          left ventricular end diastolic pressure

    LH             luteinizing hormone
    LVP            left ventricular pressure)

    m              minute
    M              male
    MIC            Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
    MS             mass spectroscopy

    NEL            No-effect level
    ng             nanogram
    NOEL           no-observed-effect level
    NZ             New Zealand

    OECD           Organisation for Economic Cooperation and
    OP             original pathologist

    PEG            polyethylene glycol
    ppb            parts per billion
    ppm            parts per million
    PPZ            propionylpromazine
    PQ             interval in an ECG between the end of the P wave
                   and the beginning of the QRS complex
    PSE            pale, soft, exudative
    PWG            Pathology Working Group

    RBC            red blood cell
    RP             review pathologist

    SGOT           serum glutamate-oxalatetransaminase
    SGPT           serum glutamate-pyruvatetransaminase
    SAP            serum alkaline phosphatase
    SCE            sister chromatid exchange
    Spp            species

    t             half-reaction time
    t.i.d.         three times daily
    TLC            thin-layer chromatography

    USP            United States Pharmacopoeia
    UV             ultraviolet

    VC             vital capacity
    Vdss           volume of distribution
    vs.            versus

    WHO            World Health Organization

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       Toxicological Abbreviations