ANNEX 3


    Rome, 5-14 February 1990


         Professor M. Ansay, Chair of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Faculty
              of Veterinary Medicine, University of Liège, Brussels,

         Dr. J. Boisseau, Director of Veterinary Drugs, National Centre of
              Veterinary and Nutritional Studies, Fougères, France 

         Dr. R. Ellis, Director, Chemistry Division, Food Safety and
              Inspection Service, Department of Agriculture, Washington,
              D.C. USA (Joint Rapporteur)

         Professor A. El Tayeb Ibrahim, Professor of Preventive Medicine
              and Veterinary Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Science,
              University of Khartoum, Sudan

         Dr. R. Furrow, Deputy Associate Director, Office of New Animal
              Drug Evaluation, Centre for Veterinary Medicine, Food and
              Drug Administration, Rockville, MD, USA

         Dr. Liu Sheng Ming, Head, China Import and Export Commodity
              Inspection Technology Institute, Chanyang District, Beijing,

         Dr. B. MacGibbon, Consultant in Environmental Health to the
              Department of Health, London, England (Chairman)

         Dr. J.G. McLean, Dean, Faculty of Applied Science, Swinburne
              Institute of Technology, Hawthorn, Victoria, Australia
              (Joint Rapporteur)

         Dr. J. L. Rojas-Martinez, Chief, Toxicology Section, National
              Centre for Diagnosis and Research in Animal Health, San
              Jose, Costa Rica

         Dr. D.M. Pugh, Department of Small Animal Clinical Studies,
              Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University College, Dublin,

         Professor A. Somogyi, Director, Max von Pettenkofer Institute of
              the Federal Office of Public Health, Berlin, (West)


         Dr. D. Arnold, Head Department of Drugs, Animal Nutrition and
              Residue Research, Institute for Veterinary Medicine, Berlin,
              (West) (WHO Temporary Advisor)

         Dr. S. Brynes, Office of New Animal Drug Evaluation, Center for
              Veterinary Medicine, Food and Drug Administration,
              Rockville, MD, USA (FAO Consultant)

         Dr. G. Burin, Health Evaluation Division, Office of Pesticide
              Programs Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC,
              USA (WHO Consultant)

         Dr. M. Elwell, National Institute of Environmental Health
              Sciences, Research Triangle Park, NC, USA (WHO Temporary

         Dr. L. Fishbein, Principal Scientist, International Life Sciences
              Institute, Risk Science Institute, Washington, DC, USA (WHO
              Temporary Advisor)

         Mr. R.A. Hankin, Administrator, Pharmaceuticals and Veterinary
              Medicines Division, Commission of the European Communities,
              Brussels, Belgium (WHO Temporary Adviser)

         Dr. R.J. Heitzman, Science Consultant, Newbury, England (FAO

         Dr. J.L. Herrman, Scientist, International Programme on Chemical
              Safety, Division of Environmental Health, WHO, Geneva,
              Switzerland (Joint Secretary)

         Dr. W.C. Keller, Food and Drug Administration, Rockville, MD, 
              USA (WHO Temporary Advisor)

         Dr. R.C. Livingston, Acting Director, Office of New Animal Drug
              Evaluation, Center for Veterinary Medicine, Food and Drug
              Administration, Rockville, MD, USA (FAO Consultant)

         Dr. D. McGregor, Unit of Carcinogen Identification and
              Evaluation, International Agency for Research on Cancer,
              Lyon, France

         Professor A. Rico, Professor of Biochemistry, National Veterinary
              School, Toulouse, France (WHO Temporary Advisor)

         Dr. F.X.R. Van Leeuwen, Laboratory for Toxicology, National
              Institute of Public Health and Environmental Protection,
              Bilthoven, Netherlands (WHO Temporary Advisor)

         Dr. J. Weatherwax, Food Quality and Standards Service, Food 
              Policy and Nutrition Division, FAO, Rome, Italy (Joint

         Dr. K.N. Woodward, Veterinary Medicines Directorate, Central
              Veterinary Laboratory, New Haw, Weybridge, Surrey, England
              (WHO Temporary Advisor)

         Dr. K. Yoshihira, Head, Division of Food Additives, National
              Institute of Hygienic Sciences, Tokyo, Japan (WHO Temporary

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