Summary of Evaluations Performed by the
Joint FAO/WHO Expert Committee on Food Additives

INS: 127
Synonyms: C.I. FOOD RED 14; FD AND C RED No. 3
Functional class: FOOD COLOUR
Colour class: XANTHENE
Colour code: C.I. (1975) No.45430
Latest evaluation: 1990
ADI: 0-0.1 mg/kg bw
Report: TRS 806-JECFA 37/19
Specifications: COMPENDIUM ADDENDUM 10/FNP 52 Add.10/34 (METALS LIMITS) (2002)
Tox monograph: FAS 28-JECFA 37/171
Previous status: 1993, COMPENDIUM ADDENDUM 2/FNP 52 Add.2/51. R
1990, COMPENDIUM/569. R
1988, TRS 776-JECFA 33/18,FNP 38-JECFA 33/82, FAS 24-JECFA 33/39. 0-0.05 (TEMPORARY). TE. R
1986, TRS 751-JECFA 30/23, FNP 37-JECFA 30/45, FAS 21-JECFA 30/81. 0-0.6 (TEMPORARY). TE. R
1984, TRS 710-JECFA 28/17, FNP 31/1-JECFA 28/71, FAS 19-JECFA 28/50. 0-1.25 (TEMPORARY). TE. R
1981, FNP 19-JECFA 25/86 . R,T
1974, NMRS 54/TRS 557-JECFA 18/17, FAS 7/NMRS 54B-JECFA 18/50, FAS 6/NMRS 54A-JECFA 18/80. 0-2.5. FU. R
1969, NMRS 46/TRS 445-JECFA 13/12, FAS 70.37/NMRS 46B-JECFA 13/14, FAS 70.36/NMRS 46A-JECFA 13/33. 0-1.25 (TEMPORARY). TE. R
1964, NMRS 38/TRS 309-JECFA 8/22, FAS 66.25/NMRS 38B-JECFA 8/50
1959, NMRS VOL. II-IV/83. N
Intake: 1999, TRS 896-JECFA 53/98,122; FAS 44-JECFA 53/499. The intake of erythrosine could exceed the ADI of 0-0.1 mg/kg bw if the maximum limits proposed in the draft General Standard for Food Additives being developed by the Codex Committee on Food Additives and Contaminants were widely adopted at the national level. Non-food sources of erythrosine, such as pharmaceutical products, should be included in intake assessments, as they may make a significant contribution to total intake if consumed over a long period. The Expert Committee concluded that long-term intake of erythrosine is unlikely to exceed the ADI, as erythrosine would be used in only a limited number of foods.
9 Mar 03    

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