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(Group 3)

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Supplement 7: (1987) (p. 347)

CAS No.: 127-69-5

Chem. Abstr. Name: Benzenesulfonamide, 4-amino-N-(3,4-dimethyl-5-isoxazolyl)-

A. Evidence for carcinogenicity to humans (inadequate)

No significant association with cancer at any site was oberved during 1969-1976 among 11 659 members of a prepaid health plan prescribed sulfafurazole during 1969-1973 [ref: 1].

B. Evidence for carcinogenicity to animals (inadequate)

Sulfafurazole was tested in mice and rats by oral administration; no increase in tumour incidence was observed [ref: 2].

C. Other relevant data

No data were available to the Working Group.

Overall evaluation

Sulfafurazole (sulphisoxazole) is not classifiable as to its carcinogenicity to humans (Group 3).

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Also see previous evaluation: Vol. 24 (1980)


1. Friedman, G.D. & Ury, H.K. (1980) Initial screening for carcinogenicity of commonly used drugs. J. natl Cancer Inst., 65, 723-733

2. IARC Monographs, 24, 275-285, 1980


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