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(Group 2B)

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Supplement 7: (1987) (p. 392)

CAS No.: 132-27-4
Chem. Abstr. Name: (1,1'-Biphenyl)-2-ol, sodium salt

B. Evidence for carcinogenicity to animals (sufficient)

Sodium ortho-phenylphenate produced urinary bladder carcinomas in rats following its oral administration [ref: 1-3]. It increased the incidences of haemangiosarcomas of the liver and of hepatocellular carcinomas in male mice after its oral administration [ref: 4]. When given in the diet to rats, it enhanced the incidence of bladder cancer induced by oral administration of N-nitroso-N-(4-hydroxybutyl)-N-butylamine [ref: 5].

Overall evaluation

Sodium ortho-phenylphenate is possibly carcinogenic to humans (Group 2B).

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Subsequent evaluation: Vol. 73 (1999)

Also see previous evaluation: Vol. 30 (1983)


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